A little about me:

I'm brilliant, sarcastic, witty, and charismatic. I believe charisma is indeed the key to opportunity. I'm extroverted and friendly, but that does not mean I like you. Few people actually get to see me as I truly am.

I have blue hair. No, you cannot touch it. It does not feel blue.

I adore music, nearly any kind of music, as long as it's good music. I listen to psychobilly, old school and neo punk, 80's music, hair metal, Rap, Nerdcore, Hardcore, Ska, Industrial, as well as music that cannot be classified. I love listening to it, writing it, and playing it. Music is the only gateway I really have to my feelings. I am currently working on recording some of my own. Simply because I can. You will probably never get to hear it.

I am quirky. If I was incredibly wealthy i'd be considered eccentric, if I was poor I'd be a crazy homeless guy. It's funny what a difference money makes.

I have an affinity for numbers. I count constantly. No one really realizes the extent of my counting "issues". I also refuse to wear socks twice. They never feel quite the same as the first time you wear them... so I buy new ones regularly and never wash a pair.

I'm opinionated. I'm also stubborn. I'm willing to have intelligent debate on nearly any topic, as long as you can accept that I will probably change your thoughts on the issue.

I don't care for morons. They tend to irritate me to no end. I believe in natural selection, and in this day and age intelligence is a much more attractive and needed asset than brawn.

I've never really had to try at anything in my life. Perhaps that is why I'm so lazy. If I wasn't so lazy and carefree I would probably take over the entire world.

I'm very good to those that matter in my life. Whether you matter or not is completely up to me and it rarely changes.

I do hold grudges, for a very long time.

I have two dogs that I treat better than many people treat their children. They are the only things in this world that love me unconditionally, and I reciprocate.

I have an excellent vocabulary. I do not use big words to try and make you feel dumb. I use them because they express exactly what I intend.

There is a lot more, but you're on your own to learn more about me.